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Prenatal   Antenatal Support

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This option provides only prenatal / antenatal support and is available worldwide. We will meet either in person or virtually, depending on your preference & location. I will be a guide and sounding board, as needed, to answer any questions you may have. This can include topics related to pregnancy, labor, anatomy & physiology of birth, comfort measures, birthing positions, labor interventions, fear, trauma, birth, breastfeeding, fourth trimester, etc.. This is a great option for those who may have anxiety and want to work through and/or better understand their available options. This option is tailored to your needs and provides impartial and personalized resources and support throughout pregnancy. Please note I do not provide medical advice.

Appointment Attendance

I will accompany you at a scheduled appointment or scan to provide support. After your appointment, we will have a debrief to review and discuss any concerns. This fee is inclusive of waiting time and travel within Bristol. For appointments outside these primary areas, an additional travel fee may apply.

Bespoke Prenatal / Antenatal Education & Planning

Looking for personal support and guidance for you and / or your partner in preparation for the birth of your baby? This is also a great option to prepare partners to support you during birth or to prepare you for birth. We will agree on general topics in advance so I can prepare personalized materials for our meeting or call. Topics may include comfort measures, laboring positions, practical tips, scenario planning, infant feeding and more. Most often 2-6 hours total in length. Can be arranged in hourly sessions, 2 hour blocks, or all together. This option does not include support during labor & birth. This fee is inclusive of local travel costs (when possible due to COVID-19), our meeting time, pre-meeting preparation and research, and a follow up summary.

Bespoke Nutrition and Meal Preparation Support

Having lived with autoimmune disease myself and realizing the profound impact food can have on overall health, I believe we can all take steps to improve our health with the food we eat every day. I have experience with implementing SCD, GAPS, AIP, Whole 30, and the Wahl's Protocol and can discuss these dietary options and strategies for implementation.

While dietary changes can be profound, they can also be extremely challenging to incorporate into daily life, especially if this is your first time implementing a healing diet. I'll share my experience and practical tips I've learned incorporating diet into my life. We'll discuss options  for you to discuss with your medical care team, tips for surviving the first couple of weeks, managing "slumps", and even where to find some of the specialized food and commonly used ingredients. We can also make a meal and / or batch cook together in your home.

This service is available to pregnant, non-pregnant people, children, and families.

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Birth Doula Support

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Prenatal & Birth Doula Support

This option includes:

  • 2 prenatal / antenatal visits or calls as described above 

  • Weekly check in via email / What's App / text

  • On-call 24/7 from 38 weeks

  • Unlimited mentored doula support for you and your partner during labor and birth (in-person or virtually, COVID-19 permitting).

  • Immediate post-natal support following the birth to ensure everyone is settled

  • 1 birth completion postnatal session to review and discuss your birth, answer any questions, provide feeding support, and / or plan for the fourth trimester.

  • 1 week of postnatal follow up support via email, What's App, & text

  • Access to resources such as books, battery candles, TENS machine, etc.

Extended Care Prenatal & Birth Doula Support

Includes everything in the standard Prenatal & Birth Doula Support plan, plus:

  • 2 additional prenatal / antenatal visits or calls (total of 4)

  • Backup birth doula

  • 4 hours postnatal doula support

  • 1 month postnatal support via email & text

  • 10% discount on additional postnatal visits

Exclusively Virtual Doula Support

This option is for individuals and families who are looking for comprehensive exclusively virtual (no in-person support) doula services and includes:

  • 2 virtual prenatal / antenatal birth preparation Zoom calls

  • Weekly check in via email / What's App / text

  • Unlimited, mentored, virtual doula support for you and your partner during labor and birth 

  • 1 virtual birth completion session to review and discuss your birth, answer any questions, and / or to plan for the fourth trimester

  • 1 week of postnatal follow up support via email, What's App, & text

  • 2 hours virtual postnatal doula support

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Postnatal  Postpartum Doula Support

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Baby is here, you're home, and while it can be wonderful, beautiful, and magical, let's be real, it can also be challenging! Maybe breastfeeding isn't going as well as you would like. Perhaps you have a ton of questions and want some 1:1 guidance with newborn or sibling care. Or maybe your laundry is overflowing, and you could use a hand with meal planning and prep. If you need an extra hand for a few hours for that elusive shower or to take a nap and not be alone with your newborn, reach out. Whatever your reason, I'm here to support you.
This makes a great gift when family or friends may not be nearby!

5 hours postnatal doula

Taken all together or in 2.5 hour blocks

15 hours postnatal doula

Typically taken in 2 or 3 hour blocks

4 hours night time postnatal doula

Taken in a single 4 hour block starting at 8 or 9pm.

Postnatal doula support is available for families who are not booked as birth clients. Weekends are available if pre-booked. A travel subsidy may apply depending on distance.

Cost: Schedule

Payment Terms

For all services a deposit (typically 50%) is taken upon signing a contract. For birth doula support the balance is due by week 37. For prenatal & postnatal doula support the balance is due before the start of our  pre-arranged meeting time.

I aim for my services to be affordable and accessible for all. I offer installment payment plans for birth doula support services so you can spread the cost out over time instead of in two payments. If you would like a doula, but are unable to afford one, please reach out. I am happy to discuss your needs, alternative arrangements, or provide referrals.

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