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A list of resources, blog posts, and references you may find useful.

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Links & Resources

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Kim James' birth plan / birth preference samples for a variety of situations & considerations.

Short video on how to harvest colostrum

Regularly updated COVID-19 guidelines and information from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Well researched signature articles on key birth topics

Birth Monopoly offers a wealth of resources on informed consent, implied consent, birth rights, and so much more. An American perspective, but useful worldwide.

The leading group on breastfeeding support in the UK. A thorough list of resources on breastfeeding, milk banking, and more.

Information and links on milk sharing, induced lactation, nursing supplementer, and more.

Resources: FAQ

Empowered Birth Blog

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Resources: Blog2 Custom Feed

Disclaimer: links are provided for information purposes only. If you notice any broken links, please reach out and I'll locate an updated link or remove it.

Resources: Text
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